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“Jean has been a heaven-send for me. She has helped me navigate my lung issues as well as onset of menopausal symptoms. She is a lovely, kind, thorough and professional naturopath with a warm presence who has helped me to understand my symptoms and work towards my health goals. I would not hesitate to recommend her to others and I will be continuing to consult her” Upasana Papadopoulos

“Jean is a wonderful naturopath, she has helped me to get into remission after years of struggling with the debilitating symptoms of Hashimotos. I can recommend jean to anyone who wants to reclaim their health through this natural approach” Asma Khan



“Jean saw my teenaged daughter who has been suffering from severe menstrual pain and skin problems – we had wonderful and immediate results with the treatment program. Jean is extremely thorough and generous with her time, a highly skilled and sensitive practitioner whom I would not hesitate to recommend. Thank you Jean!” Andy Passell





“After a couple of difficult years of attempting to heal from Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, I finally found the support I needed in Jean. I have seen many practitioners in the past; GP’s, specialists and other naturopaths, however, Jean is a cut above the rest in terms of her thoroughness, expertise and compassion. She was the first to see ‘the whole picture’ of my illness, taking into account diet, mood and other environmental factors alongside the regular blood results. She liaises with my GP to ensure I am tested properly and she follows up after every session by email.


It is apparent that Jean dedicates a lot of time to her patients outside of regular appointments and keeps up to date with the latest research. Lastly, Jean does not try to overwhelm you with alternative medicine (which I have found other naturopaths to do), instead, she will suggest minimal supplementation to fit in with your budget/lifestyle , but overall favours a ‘food is medicine’ philosophy (her nutrition plans are easy to follow and stick to as well!)


I recommend Jean to anyone who wants to get on top of their health conditions, having unexplainable health problems or even those who have had difficulty with other practitioners that don’t seem to understand the inherent connections between multiple symptoms.


Did I mention that her services are affordable too? Honestly, stop reading and book an appointment with her ASAP! 🙂 – MJK” Sydney





“A rare find”


I had been tested for Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and I was looking for a practitioner that would help to address this health issue . I was lucky enough to come across a naturopath who worked with Hashimotos. 


From my experience of seeing wholistic practioners over the years,  I found Jean Martain not only thorough in her approach to my medical history. Someone who takes the time to read the test results from your GP and explain in detail what it all means.  ( most GP’s don’t give you the time of day) 


Jean worked out the best nutritional plan as well as lifestyle changes , excercise program etc. to improve my health overall. 


But what stood out the most, was her caring, generous and compassionate nature. To me that is what counts in the end. Her fees are also reasonable for the time she puts into her clients. 


What a difference the world would be if all medical/ wholistic practitioners were like Jean.”


Athena, Sydney




My name is James, I’m a 67 year old male with a typical male problem which is an enlarged prostate gland. For a long time I suffered in silence not wanting the embarrassment of telling anyone about my condition. So just recently I searched the Internet looking for remedies until the moment that I discovered a Naturopath called Jean Martain, her smiling face at the beginning of her website made me feel instantly at ease so I decided to send an email for some incognito advice..her response was fast and precise as though it was an everyday complaint that could be managed under natural products easily available from her dispensary at an affordable price considering I’m on an old age pension.

After making an appointment and visiting her clinic in Newtown I felt really comfortable and at ease discussing my medical problems. No Doctor has ever made me even contemplate broaching the subject of my prostate problems?.

The 1st consultation with Jean lasted over two hours discussing all of my ailments yet only charged for one hour and at the end gave me some natural products that have helped me immensely. As an older person my impression of this naturopathic therapist is one of amazement with the experience and knowledge that a person nearly half my age possesses yet made me feel as though I had been talking to a friend my own age. I’ll have no hesitation in recommending the services of this lovely human being.”


J.Dunn, Sydney





“Jean is wonderful! She cares about you and works with you to find the cause of issues while educating you at the same time. I have never felt better knowing that I have her by my side on my journey to great health”


L.Vanbeers, Sydney





“I had extremely positive results with Jean. We addressed gut and immune issues with great success. Jean is a very caring health practitioner and I felt that my wellbeing was her priority. The care plans were clear and she was always on hand to answer any questions i had. Thanks Jean x”


L. Harnett, Sydney





“You are so friendly and easy to talk to, of course I was more than happy with your service. I am so grateful that you advised me to do the food intolerance testing so that I was able to work out what sort of foods I needed to avoid and you helped me clean up my diet and I still continue to eat healthy today. I also liked how you always sent an email follow up after our appointment with a plan of what we discussed to try and implement. Meeting you has been life changing for me as I now know how to eat well and feel so much better within myself, everyone I know keeps telling me that my skin looks amazing and that I am glowing. Jean I will be forever grateful for what you have done for me, thank you, thank you, thank you. – Love Larn xx”


L. Weng, Sydney 





“This is an excellent service which I highly recommend. The herbal medicines that Jean prescribed worked really well.”


J.Davidson Sydney





“I am very impressed with my experience with Jean Martain. Not only was her knowledge and expertise great, her customer service was the best. I would recommend this pleasant experience to anybody in need of a naturopath.”


B. McCabe, Sydney





“Jean is a warm and wonderful naturopath. Her creativity has been highly beneficial in helping me find alternatives and solutions to enable me to reach my goals.”


S. Husain, Sydney





“Jean is lovely, always has new ideas that fit around my lifestyle and can be easily implemented to reach my goals.”


S. Lakefield, Sydney



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