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Survive the festive season!

With Christmas just around the corner and festivities to attend, have you considered your festive health plan? We recommend tracking your goals throughout the season. Knowing your festive health plan allows for a balance between fun and indulgence without undoing all the hard work you have put into your health over the year.  When writing down your plan consider the following:

Alcohol (eg.number of drinks per sitting you might have, the type of alcohol you will have/avoid, which occasions will you be drinking)?

Sugar (what treats will you enjoy throughout the festive season, which occasions will you enjoy sugar)?

Stress (what are your stressors during the festive season, how will you manage these)?

Our top tips for surviving the festive season are:

Quantify your alcohol and sugar intake, opt for organic red wine over other drinks such as beer.

Consider a stress management plan. Prioritise your to do list and pace yourself with plenty of mindfulness breaks. Pamper yourself with massage, lavender and epsom salt baths, organize a Kris kringle with your family to minimise financial pressure.

Emphasise memorable experiences with family and friends over things.

We would love to hear about your festive season plan, send us an email! Make your plan with a friend or family member and support each other to reach your goals.

It’s important to remember that no one has the “perfect” diet, we promote the 80/20 rule in clinic, as what you do most of the time is what counts. Remember to enjoy life’s pleasures in moderation and as a guide, avoid refined sugars, stick to natural sugars if you feel like sugar, avoid alcohol, move your body and spend time with your loved ones.

It’s been a big year and we thank you for your support in clinic xo

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