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Period Pain Relief

Period pain also known as dysmenorrhea is a debilitating and annoying monthly occurrence for many women.

Often we reach for neurofen or panadol which can have damaging effects to the gastrointestinal tract and the liver respectively.

Our high strength period pain relief tonic offers an evidence based alternative that doesn’t hurt the gut or liver.

Primary actions: analgesic (pain relief), anti-inflammatory

Ingredients: Zingiber officinale rhizome 1:2 90% ethanol

Dose: 1 mL/day in some water

Contraindications (do not use if): bleeding disorders, in combination with blood thinning medications, gall stones, hyperthyroidism, menopause.

Price: $65 for 200 mL (will last more than 6 months)!

Traditional use and other actions:  circulatory stimulant (warming), anti-emetic (for nausea), digestive bitter, antimicrobial

Why do we experience period pain? Isn’t it normal?

Period pain is an inflammatory response occurring in the uterus often associated with an inflammatory diet. It is a sign from the body that something is out of balance or sub-optimal. In other words it is not normal for women to live with period pain, if the body is in balance we can experience our monthly cycle pain free!

While we recommend an anti-inflammatory plant based diet as part of a holistic approach to correcting period pain, you can enjoy safe and effective pain relief with our high strength tincture of ginger.

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