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PCOS and Hashimoto’s

PCOS and Hashimoto’s

Do you suffer with both PCOS and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis? Are hormones ruling your life?

PCOS is associated with amenorrhea (disturbed menstrual cycle), infertility, insulin resistance, acne, hirsutism, ovarian cysts and metabolic syndrome.

Hashimoto’s is an autoimmune disease that causes hypothyroidism and symptoms including, weight gain, low libido, low blood pressure, dry brittle hair, constipation, low mood, brain fog, infertility, sensitivity to cold, cold extremities, fatigue, among others.

We quite often see a co-occurrence of PCOS and hashimoto’s thyroiditis in clinic. There is a complex interplay between the immune system, hormones and potential genetic variations or polymorphisms that are thought to be playing a role. There are 3 genetic variants that have been implicated in both conditions – FBN3, GnRHR and CYP1B1.

27% of women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) also have autoimmune hashimoto’s thyroiditis and only 8% of women without PCOS have hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Literature shows that there is a common association between the two conditions which are both known to affect fertility. This suggests that hashimoto’s is common among women with PCOS.

Lack of ovulation combined with too much oestrogen and not enough progesterone are suggested to affect the thymus gland in utero and in turn immune regulation which is also thought to up-regulate autoimmunity in PCOS. As we know the underlying problem in Hashimoto’s is autoimmunity (immune dysfunction) rather than a problem with the thyroid gland itself.

If you have a combination of these two diseases your naturopath will work closely with your medical doctor and you to form a collaborative team to support you on your healing journey. Your holistic health treatment plan will be focusing on regulating your immune system, reducing inflammation and oxidative stress, regulating your hormones (thyroid, sex, adrenal and pancreatic) and combining any other individual treatment goals specific to your health requirements.

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Disclaimer: this information is general and for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for personal health advice. Please seek advice from your healthcare provide for personal health advice.



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