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I left my busy life in the Sydney CBD and moved to a remote area of NSW near Tamworth and Armidale in August of 2018. Spending majority of my time in Glen Innes I travel to the Sydney clinic on a monthly basis and enjoy the best of city and country life. Moving to the country was the best decision of my life. I’m lucky to have family in the town too making the transition easy.

Glen Innes has a population of approximately 6,000 people and the nearest larger towns like Inverell, Armidale and Tamworth make great day trips back to civilisation when I want to get out of town. Long drives through the country with rolling hills on the horizon and the signature poplar trees that line the New England Highway, do wonders for the nervous system as my adrenals recover from busy city life.

When I’m not in my Sydney clinic or driving through the countryside, exploring Tamworth and Armidale, I am in the Glen Innes clinic with my natural medicine dispensary, or busy delving into research articles keeping up to date on the latest scientific literature for natural medicines.

Since relocating I have become passionate about rural and regional access to integrative health services, gaining insight into the need for better access in these regions. I launched my telehealth service in January of 2019 and have not looked back. Telehealth phone and video conferencing consultations allow for anyone in Australia with a phone or internet connection to access naturopathic care. It is such an honour for me to be able to provide this service and get to know people from all around Australia, from different back grounds, living in different environments.

What led me to make the tree change? Like most people who pack up and leave the city, I was burnt out. I was busy all the time, stressed out and recovering from cancer. It was just what I needed to get on track and change my lifestyle. As a naturopath we are always emphasising diet and lifestyle changes alongside herbal and nutritional medicines and my personal experiences have really proven that our environment, diet and the way we live play an integral role to our short term and long-term health outcomes.

A large part of the decision to leave the city was due to environmental pollution. Electromagentic radiation from all the phone towers, wifi routers etc, air quality and exposure to chemicals. I always ask my patients about their environmental health and recommend an organic diet with filtered water, and these days with all the hazardous smoke in the air, a good quality air purifier. I find in clinic the environmental factors are just as key as the dietary factors and lifestyle factors, in either protecting against or promoting the chronic disease state.

It is a privilege to be a new member of the community here in the small town of Glen Innes and it has been a pleasure getting to know some of the country folk at the clinic.

The Glen Innes clinic is located at R&R Health and Body Centre on Grey St – the main street of Glen Innes. Appointments are available in clinic or via phone and video conference (telehealth).

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