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Natural treatments for general health, thyroid health and mental health with degree qualified, experienced Sydney naturopath

Mental health



We are a national online  Sydney & Glen Innes based clinic offering natural treatments for mental health. Our service is confidential, flexible and affordable. 


We focus on stress, fatigue, anxiety, depression and thyroid health. Our approach is integrative meaning we work alongside your doctor and psychologist/psychiatrist and specialists to integrate your care for better outcomes.


Evidence based natural treatments for depression  and anxiety


Did you know that scientific evidence supports the use of herbal and nutritional medicines in the treatment of anxiety and depression?


Clinical trials have found multiple herbal medicines to be as effective as SSRI’s (antidepressant medications) with less side effects! It’s important to have the guidance of a degree qualified naturopath to understand how to use natural medicines. Natural medicines may be used either along side your prescribed medications or as an alternative to conventional medicines.


We work with your doctor


If you are currently taking medication you must continue as prescribed by your doctor/s and manage the medication with your medical team. We can work alongside your medication to ensure optimal production of neurotransmitters using nutritional cofactors. Evidence supports the use of adjuvant nutritional medicines to enhance the effect of your medications.


If you are not on medication and are suffering with anxiety or depression there are many natural options available to you. Allow us to guide you through this time with a holistic health assessment to ensure underlying causes that affect mood


are addressed.

Pharmacogenomics report


We also offer genetic testing to help identify which medications may be best suited to your individual metabolism and provide a report for your medical team to consider.


Your holistic treatment plan will offer diet and lifestyle advice and consider environmental factors as part of your prescription.


“nutrition and nutraceuticals should now be considered as mainstream elements of psychiatric practice, with research, education, policy, and health promotion reflecting this new paradigm.” (International Society for Nutritional Psychiatry Research consensus position statement: nutritional medicine in modern psychiatry, 2015)


The Online Natural Mood Program


Our natural mood program is a 6 month program including an initial 60 minute appointment and 5 monthly 30 minute phone or skype consultations from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in Australia at a time that suits you!


Your program includes:

  • A holistic health analysis to identify potential contributors to imbalance
  • Appropriate referral letters to medical doctor and psychologist to collaborate,  request further testing on medicare to minimise out of pocket expenses for functional testing, monitor progress and changes to pathology results
  • A holistic analysis and interpretation of blood tests and functional testing as required
  • Monitoring of symptoms and progress
  • General gentle detoxification and cleansing to optimise whole body health
  • A dietary analysis and recommendations
  • A detailed holistic mental health treatment plan listing our treatment objectives and holistic natural mood prescription
  • Resources – scientific studies on natural therapeutics for mental health to empower and educate you on your health journey
  • Recipe links and useful handouts
  • Basic counselling, health coaching and support to set and meet your health and well being goals
  • Three day sample good mood diet


Your health investment


Our online program offers great value saving you hundreds of dollars compared to in clinic visits. Total value of in clinic visits is $780!

**Online Program only $499 (Save over $280 with the total value of the program at $780!)

We use food as medicine first and supplements second as needed. Fees for functional testing vary depending on your presentation and circumstances. Your practitioner will collaborate with integrative medical doctors to enable as much testing through medicare as possible to limit out of pocket expenses.

Casual consults in clinic are available: initial consults are only $180 and follow up consults are only $120 (includes holistic assessment and functional analysis of pathology results, holistic treatment plan and prescription).


Are you ready to take action?


Simply click on the “make an appointment” button below and book your first natural thyroid program consult. We have flexible appointment times after work hours, during the week and Saturday’s and often have same day appointments available. You will receive a welcome email once you have booked online with your new patient form to complete.


Please note to confirm your place for the program we require a payment at the time of your booking (fully refundable in accordance with our 48 hour cancellation policy, excludes transaction fees).



Don’t wait any longer, live and feel the difference!






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