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Liver tonic

The liver is involved in a number of vital processes in the body such as:

  • hormone metabolism
  • detoxification
  • digestion
  • storage of fat soluble vitamins
  • fat metabolism
  • carbohydrate metabolism

The liver is responsible for processing toxins that may enter our bodies via ingestion (eg. junk foods, alcohol and caffeine intake) and the environment (eg. cosmetics, cleaning chemicals, air pollutants). There are 2 main phases of liver detoxification (phase 1 and phase 2).

In phase 1 liver detoxification special CYP450 enzymes work to neutralise harmful substances. This step produces byproducts that must then enter phase 2 liver detoxification where antioxidants stabilise free radicals to prevent damage to our cells DNA. In this phase conjugation reactions facilitate the removal of toxins via elimination channels.

Our liver tonic contains the herbal medicine schisandra chinensis.

Therapeuctic actions:

  • hepatoprotective (protects the liver)
  • antioxidant (quells free radicals / toxins)
  • adaptogen (aids the body to adapt to stressors whether the stressors are chemical/environmental, emotional)

Traditionally used in western herbal medicine for fatigue, irritability, insomnia, poor memory and sweating.

Dose: 10-40 mL/wk (specifically our tonic)

Duration of use: 6-12 weeks

$65 for 200 mL (including postage)

Useful for menopausal symptoms, in particular for hot flushes, sweating, and heart palpitations.

Has been demonstrated to improve attention, speed and accuracy during stressful cognitive tasks.

Improves liver function (study showed schisandra chinensis combined with sesamin improved liver function, traditional use also shows improved liver function).

Evidence from randomised placebo controlled trials

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Read study here

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Read study here

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Read study here