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Functional Testing

We use the following laboratories: Laverty Pathology, Nutripath, Ubiome.



Why do Functional testing?


Functional testing refers to laboratory tests that seek to identify the underlying cause of imbalance and assess the function of various body systems and tissues.



We may order functional tests depending on your signs and symptoms to target your holistic treatment.
People often experience symptoms well before conventional test results appear outside of the normal reference ranges. Functional testing when combined with a thorough case history can help tailor your treatment.



Examples of functional tests include:

  • ubiome explorer – microbiome analysis
  • Female hormone profile
  • Extensive thyroid hormone profile
  • Functional liver detoxification profile
  • Adrenal cortisol profile
  • Serum nutrients: iron studies, vitamin D, B12, folate, zinc, selenium
  • Organic acids
  • Methylation profile
  • Heavy metal profile

and many others..




Referral for functional testing requires a consultation and case history health assessment. Your practitioner will assess your diet and lifestyle, body signs and symptoms and any other relevant factors to determine which tests best suit your needs. Requests for tests will be requested with consideration to your budget and are not rebated via medicare. Your naturopath will write a referral letter to collaborate with your general medical practitioner and out of pocket expense will be minimised where possible.

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