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Exchanging Wellness

Welcome to Exchanging Wellness!

What is this?

We offer you a natural health consultation in exchange for a good or service.


We are in a recession and a pandemic and we are committed to servicing the community. People need natural health care now more than ever and money shouldn’t stand in the way. We have also noticed an enhanced therapeutic relationship when money is not involved. <3 This is the time to spread love and reach out to each other. This is the time to think about wellness and what that means for you!

How does this work?

You select your preferred appointment time/day and we conduct a normal consultation (via telehealth) in exchange for something. You can choose what to exchange based on your individual situation. See a list of ideas below.


Depending on your location and exchange good or service, we will match you up with a practitioner that is on the Natural Exchange Register. The register is currently being built so in the mean while all consults will be done via telehealth. We will do our best to match you with a local naturopath to make it easy to offer the exchange.

Potential exchange ideas:

  • a service that you are skilled in (eg. computer work, design work, writing content, social media, marketing, hair dressing, plumbing, electrical work, building work, gardening or landscaping, cleaning and maintenance, house sitting, pet sitting, dog walking, fencing, car washing etc.)
  • a good or product (eg. food, books, plants, seeds, compost, timber)

What about medicines?

Medicines will be sold at cost price as prescribed by your practitioner.


Calling all naturopaths, herbalists, nutritionists, energy healers, yoga teachers, meditation guides, massage therapists and alternative medicine practitioners. Join the Exchanging Wellness Register!

Cost: FREE to join the register!

Requirements: email us a short bio and link to your website. You will need to make a special booking option available if you have online bookings for exchange clients. Alternatively we can create you a calender on our booking system for a shared fee to cover the cost. You need to have insurance and professional association membership to be on the register as a naturopath.

Website: If you would like to use this website and booking system we can arrange our own exchange! This might include some content writing or marketing. We are open to collaboration and growth within the natural health community. The cost to join the booking system depends on the number of practitioners using it. The more we have the cheaper the monthly fee. See the link for pricing. *The register will include a free spot on the practitioners page of this site.

We are excited to work with you on your wellness journey!

Connect today <3