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7 Top tips for vaginal thrush!

7 Top natural tips you didn’t know about for vaginal thrush!


Hello ladies, today we are talking about vaginal thrush, a yeast infection caused by an overgrowth of candida. Consider that there is a difference between a yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis, one is fungal and the other is bacterial. It pays to do a swab and be sure of exactly what you are dealing with, especially if you have tried EVERYTHING and it won’t go away!!


Typical symptoms include itching, redness, white cottage cheese like discharge and soreness. Alas many symptoms overlap with other conditions so again make sure you see your GP for a swab so you can be sure and find some relief.


Thrush is common after antibiotics and in immune compromised individuals such as in diabetes, HIV or cancer sufferers. It is an opportunistic infection so your naturopath will always consider the state of your immune system and stress levels in your treatment plan. Remember in holistic care no two treatments are the same and your practitioner will tailor your treatment plan to your individual needs.


So here are our 7 top tips!


1. You can make your own cream by mixing honey and yoghurt! Research says this is more effective at relieving symptoms than conventional antifungal cream clotrimazole. Topical applications are easy to apply onto a tampon for application, and or directly onto a pad.


2. You can use probiotics internally and topically! Ask your practitioner which strain you need? They will consider your whole health case to recommend an evidence based strain that suits your needs.


3. Avoid douching when you have vaginitis.


4. Garlic garlic garlic! And more garlic! Just garlic every day. It has to be raw and eaten frequently. Research supports garlic as an antifungal therapeutic in the treatment of thrush.


5. Wear cotton underwear and loose fitting clothing.


6. Avoid sugar and refined processed foods.


7. Increase dietary fibres to feed the good bacteria in the gut which will in turn improve your immune function.



For more information or a personally tailored treatment plan book online today. Australia wide naturopath servicing Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Darwin, Perth, Glen Innes and the New England area, Inverell, Armidale, Emmaville, Uralla, Surry Hills or where ever you are travelling from with online skype consults available.


Disclaimer: this information is general and for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for personal health advice. Please seek advice from your healthcare provide for personal health advice.



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