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5 Top Tips for Weight Loss this Spring!

Weight… There is more to the story!


Weight loss is a happy side effect of healthy eating but sometimes it can be a difficult to shift those extra kilos.


This can be due to a variety of reasons, for example eating foods that are high in calories and low in nutrients, eating more calories than you can expend in energy, a side effect of some medications, hypothyroidism, genetic predisposition, sedentary living and emotional eating.


So here are my 5 top tips for weight loss this Spring!


  1. No sugar – while glucose is the primary source of fuel for the brain, it is abundant in carbohydrate rich foods and refined sugars are an excess that will be stored for energy later meaning that once all the storage spaces are full, the surplus is converted to fat to be stored in case its needed during times of famine. Avoiding refined sugars in the diet will also have a beneficial effect on the microbiome as pathogenic bacteria can easily become over populated when we consume too much sugar. Research suggests a link between metabolism and the microbiome (that is we need a nice healthy balance of good gut bacteria to maintain a healthy metabolism).
  2. Increase dietary fibre – fibre feeds the good bacteria in the gut (it’s a prebiotic), and will improve satiety (so you feel fuller quicker) while binding up toxins and helping to detoxify out via the bowel. This is important to prevent the recirculation of toxins and cholesterol back to the liver. I am always telling my patients “fibre, fibre, fibre”!
  3. No alcohol – think of alcohol as a sugar that will eventually convert to fat when there is a surplus of energy to be stored for later use. Alcohol is metabolised by the liver and uses up zinc and niacin (vitamin B3) to break it down which are key nutrients for liver detoxification, immune function, mental health and digestion. The liver is responsible for many functions including the metabolism of fat and hormones that regulate metabolism so it is a fundamental part of any weight loss program to support liver function.
  4. No soft drink – think of soft drink as liquid sugar! Avoid at all costs to stabilise blood glucose and aid weight loss. Instead substitute for sparkling mineral water with a slice of citrus for flavour.
  5. Get moving! Exercise is essential for weight loss as energy output needs to be greater than energy intake (calories). Work exercise into your daily routine, walk to work and from work or part of the way, choose the stairs instead of the travelator, stand at your desk instead of sit, choose an activity that you enjoy and do it with a friend!


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Disclaimer: this information is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for personal health advice. Please seek advice from your healthcare provide for personal health advice.


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